Custom built homes with the dimensions and features that you want.



Offering small loft and condo renovations to complete custom build outs.



Custom built homes with the dimensions and features that you want.



Vantage Design & Construction is located in Gretna, NE and has been in business since 2008. Our services include building genuine custom homes, renovating lofts and condos, remodeling services, room additions, decks, adding outdoor living spaces and more. You can count on Vantage Design & Construction for not only delivering the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail but also by using quality materials while staying within your budget.


We have been honored with winning both The Best of Omaha Builder and The Best of Omaha Remodeler Awards. In addition, we have been featured multiple times within local publications and recognized for our expertise and charitable work.


We stay up-to-date with industry techniques, trends and products through attending the International Builder’s Show in Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV along with our containing education. The industry is constantly evolving and it is important to us to stay ahead.

  • "I had quite a bit of work done in my home and Vantage Design & Construction did it all. We first called them to do a kitchen remodel and when the next project came up we had one number to call. They came back and did our master bathroom and then finished our basement. They are good people and I would recommend them to all my friends and family."

    RITA P.
  • "Vantage Design & Construction renovated our condo in the Old Market. They did a wonderful job and went above and beyond what we expected. We mention their name whenever we can. Anyone would be lucky to have them on a project."

    KEVIN & AMY B.
  • “I was so pleased with Vantage Design & Construction. I was recommended to them by a friend who just had work done and raved about them. The best part is, they do most of the work themselves with Great craftsmanship.”

    JEAN M.
  • “Vantage Design & Construction did a stellar job of finishing our basement. They were very prompt and thorough!”

    JAMES T.
  • “We live in Gretna and had heard very good things about Vantage Design & Construction. We first called them to fix someone else's mistake in our bathroom. We ended up having them do the entire bathroom, and then a few more projects in our home. These guys are top notch.”

    BOB & VICKI A.
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Vantage Design & Construction on several residential renovation projects. They have always impressed me with their vision for quality design and ability to work closely with clients to achieve exactly what they wanted, on-time and within budget. I am always very impressed with their knowledge and capability but also with their friendly and sincere disposition that makes them easy to work with. I highly recommend Vantage Design & Construction for any remodeling projects you may have.”

    BRAD S.
  • “Vantage Design & Construction is charitable, hard-working, and are ready to go the distance. Their attention to every detail within the job is impressive. I have no reservation sending anyone with any project their way knowing that Vantage Design & Construction will turn out the best result possible.”

    BETH H.
  • “Vantage Design & Construction does great custom designs on their homes. Their job was done on time and on budget. They will finish or remodel your home in a unique way with a professional and passionate attitude. I highly recommend their services.”

    PAUL F.
  • “Vantage Design & Construction is simply the best! Everyone expects professional quality and value-priced remodeling and building. When you hire Vantage, you get the creative genius of an architect, builder, designer, home interior decorator all rolled into one contractor that thinks outside of the "drywall". They’ll deliver a result that you visualized but didn't think you could afford to come home to every day. Vantage Design created a spreadsheet showing us how much every facet of our remodel was projected to cost and allowed us to be in total control of the budget. They were respectful, professional, tidy, hard-working, and best of all, delightful to have working in your home and neighborhood. My husband and I are so thrilled we trusted Vantage Design & Construction to keep our best interests at heart and our money still in our will say the same thing.”

    VICKI K.
  • “I have had great success with referring Vantage Design & Construction to my clients. My customers are very pleased with the services they have received and I recommend them with enthusiasm.”

    STEVE T.
  • "As a designer, it was nice to find someone like Vantage Design & Construction who has the knowledge and eye for design. We bounced ideas off one another and came up with the most perfect master bathroom. They did a wonderful job, and the crew was all so nice and polite. The best part about this project is, I get to see it every day, because it’s in my own house!"

    KAREN S.
  • “Vantage Design & Construction did a great job on installing plank tile around my entire basement bar and replaced a walkout swing door & adjacent window with a vinyl sliding door.”

    CALEB H.
  • “Vantage Design & Construction was the best choice! They were always on time and did a fantastic job. I would recommend them to anyone.”

  • "Whenever I have a client in need of any home repairs or remodeling, or even a custom home build, Joe at Vantage is always my first call. The great part about Joe is he inspects all of the subs’ work and doesn’t leave anything to chance. He cares about his reputation and most importantly cares most about a great customer experience."

  • "5 stars! Very professional and great to work with!"

    RENAE A.
    — Sample Author
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